Saturday, December 18, 2010

Call Backs – Mission Impossible

Today was a pretty fun day for us PrePro crewmembers. We held our call backs today: twelve actors in four hours. That is three actors an hours, or one actor every twenty minutes, or half an actor every ten, a quarter every five…you get the picture. Heh, I just imagined what half an actor would look like. They were fantastic, all of them, seriously. They are all assholes, made our job of picking much harder, thanks a bunch guys! As soon as I get some waivers filled out by them all I will start posting all their pretty pictures up on this so you can get a look. So, what roles were we casting for today? Well, our lovable drug addict, Julie. Her super responsible older sis, Elizabeth. The spicy love interest, Chris. One badass mothafucker, the Dealer. Eccentric yet lovable addict sidekick, Peter. His girlfriend I guess, Ruby. Wait, that's it. Though there were more.

Scott opened Fil and my eyes to some tragic news, thirty pages is pushing it in length for film festivals. I tried talking Fil into cutting it down, he is not too happy….we will figure it out somehow, even if I have to butcher it myself! I pushed our Kickstarter page ( ) on more of the unsuspecting FaceBook masses. My girlfriend made me the admin of the give $1 to our film page she made. I feel like the mayor of a small town.

Hmm, anything else….for dinner we had pizza…I smoked several cigarettes…oh! We are doing some preliminary location scouting on Wednesday, that'll be cold…er I mean fun!

That's all I can think of for right now. Thanks for reading. DONATE OR I WILL SLAP FIL!


  1. 30 pages is beyond pushing it. You might as well make a feature.

  2. We thought about that too. We are in a delicate place right now where I think we could nip/tuck this into a very pleasant short and where he considers adding ten pages.